Why Choose Us

Superior Quality of Service

All aspects from customer service, project management, building and maintaining strong partnerships, to completed results in the field, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards as one of our core goals.

Being equipped with the necessary resources, industry experience, technological knowledge, training capability and a proven Quality Assurance Management Program as a standard, we are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our partners by successfully completing quality turn-key services and projects from start to finish as an industry leader on a national level.

ISSi is also a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) and a Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE). This allows all of our partners to comply with and accomplish their minority spending goals.

Veteran Owned Business

Industry Leading Compliance Standards & Results

As a proven national industry leader, one of our core goals is to always be ahead-of-the-curve when it comes to implementing the most current and up-to-date ADA, security, safety and building codes and compliance standards.

Through dedicated industry research initiatives, maintaining continuous market awareness and employing highly qualified and certified technicians, our implementation strategies embody best practices on every project and are ensured to meet all required codes and industry standards – which in turn, produce quality completed results in the field that are in the best interest of our partners’ organizations.

Latest Technology & Cost-Effective Solutions

As one of our core goals, we are committed to implementing and deploying the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment and products on the market with the most cost-effective solutions.

Understanding the challenges of today’s economy, we believe the latest innovative technology on the market should not be compromised due to budgetary demands. That is why ISSi’s portfolio of services is designed as a national one-stop turn-key resource solution. In doing so, only one vendor needs to be managed in the field to complete the entire project, innovative technology can be implemented to meet the demands of customers, budgets can be met by minimizing expenses and bottom line profits can be increased through cost-effective solutions without any sacrifice.

Reputation, Awards & Community Involvement

With decades of industry knowledge and technological experience, ISSi’s proven track record has enabled us to become a nationally recognized leader in the financial services community. Having been trusted by local frontier community banks to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, ISSi is known for providing customer service and solutions that make sense throughout the country to help grow the economy.

While doing so, ISSi has earned many nationally recognized awards over the years inclusive of the following:

  • Top Diversity Owned Businesses in America
  • Top Diversity Owned Businesses in California
  • Top Small Businesses in America
  • Top Small Business in California
  • Top Veteran Owned Businesses in America

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