Customer Spotlight

Innovative Solutions
Companion in-house designers and manufacturers have helped banking institutions increase customer interactions through impactful ATM branding.

In fact, over 38 years ago Companion launched the ATM surround and enclosure industry by creating the first branded ATM experience. Since then, Companion continues to be on the cutting edge of the self-service banking segment.
With capabilities in metal fabrication, millwork construction, fiberglass-reinforced composites, and vacuum formed plastics our design flexibility and durability are unsurpassed.

Companion's 100,000 square foot, six-acre design and manufacturing campus is located in North Salt Lake, Utah.

Companion leads the industry in developing innovative ATM solutions for thousands of financial service institutions.

If your goal is to increase customer interactions at your ATMs through effective ATM branding, then you’ve found it. At Companion we’re focused on your success. We know that when customers have a positive experience, they keep coming back.

Designs that make your ATM stand out

When it comes to designing and manufacturing high-quality, attractive ATM environments and managing your ATM deployment projects, nobody does it better than Companion.