Windows 7 Upgrades
As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft officially ended their support of Windows XP on ATM’s. In doing so, this is creating high levels of uncertainty in security environments for ATM’s at financial institutions – and major vulnerabilities for the customers that use them. As a solution, our Windows 7 ATM Upgrades solution migrates ATM networks to Windows 7 and ensures long term stability; as Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 until the year 2020. So now is the time to upgrade your ATM network to Windows 7 and be prepared for EMV.
Specifically, by upgrading your ATM networks to Windows 7 it opens up opportunities to deliver a dramatically improved customer experience; as well as being able to respond more effectively to security and compliance requirements – which in turn reduces operating costs on maintenance and licensing fees.
Ultimately, the true benefits of completing these upgrades not only allows you to stay ahead of the competition by providing the most advanced ATM interface with the highest levels of software security available on the market, but also instill peace of mind in secure operations that translate to customers that are protected which usually means more referrals and more business.
So the question is not if, it’s when – and will you be ready? Let ISSi manage your Windows 7 Upgrade project today.