Quality Assurance Project Management Program
Our Quality Assurance Project Management Program offers our partners the assurance that high quality results are being produced in the field, expectations are being met and every aspect of their project is tracked and managed effectively from beginning to end. This program emphasizes ISSi’s core goal of, “Consistently leading the field in raising the industry standard of installation quality” and ensures that consistently higher levels of service is provided to our partners throughout the entire duration of their project.
Specifically, once the full capacity of our partner’s project is established, our project management team assigned to that project develops all of the necessary review call criteria, deliverables and reporting documents needed to manage each site or location. In doing so, the deliverables and reporting documents can be tailored and custom designed to capture any specific data our partners may require throughout the project. Inclusive in this program are detailed partner review calls, deliverables and reporting documents consisting of a master schedule, real-time and on-site reporting, man-hour management, expense and cost tracking analysis, any required partner documentation and quality assurance site evaluation forms which empower our partners and allow ISSi to stay committed to best practices and process improvements.
Overall, this program is truly designed and structured to streamline processes, increase productivity, produce positive results in the field, maintain accountability, minimize project costs and maximize bottom line profit margins for all parties involved. At the end of the project, this program equates to expectations being fulfilled, quality completed sites and happy customers.