EMV Upgrades
As of April 2014, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover will require service providers to have the capability to process all EMV type transactions. In turn, our EMV ATM Upgrades service allows our customer’s ATM’s to be fully compliant with regulatory laws and capable of meeting the “new” global operating standards.
Specifically, the true benefits of this new chip technology and completing these EMV upgrades in ATM’s substantially increases the asset protection of the financial institution and security vulnerability of their customers by reducing the use of stolen ATM card data and fraud. If data is compromised, a counterfeit card would be unusable without the presence of the original cardholder’s personal unique chip elements – thus making their internal ATM network systems safer and more secure for their operations and their customer’s peace of mind.
So the question is not if, it’s when – and will you be ready? Let ISSi manage your EMV Upgrade project today.